Are camgirls artificial fantasies?

I initially set out to determine whether or not camming was considered sex work thus enabling camgirls the ability to adopt the title of “sex worker”. In my quest I stumbled upon a post titled
“The Emotional Side of Camming”. The article was written for Vice magazine and was accurate as it drew examples and quotes from camgirls at the time. It was definitely an interesting article about “the physical and psychological strain on women in an industry where success is dependent upon consistency and access is often conveniently forgotten”. It explored that topic well and in its support of its thesis mentioned the similarity between camgirls and Samantha in the film Her.

Her is an Academy Award winning film that “follows Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix), a man who develops a relationship with Samantha (Scarlett Johansson), an artificially intelligent virtual assistant personified through a female voice”

The article only used the comparison as a simple example and briefly touched on it but I found it to be fascinating and wanted it to be expounded upon more. Thus, this article was born.

So armed with a bag of popcorn I set out to rewatch the film Her. This time watching I made sure to watch the film from a perspective of a camgirl focused more on Samantha than Theodore. With the aforementioned lens I noticed a few things.

My first observation was in how Theo (in my opinion) talked sh** about his wife and hyped up this Operating System chick who hasn’t had to deal with his bs and doesn’t have to worry about working 40 hours a week while caring for a manchild while still being expected to have sex every night.

I was about to ride up on Theo and put these paws on him for my girl Karen but then I remembered that I’m black and the law isn’t exactly in my favor.

My second observation was how Theo idolized Samantha and projected a personality upon her that matched him perfectly and when Samantha expressed ideals that did not match these Theo lost interest. Theo’s loss of interest was portrayed visually in the scene in which he basically shunned the sexual advances of the surrogate sex partner.

This scene relates to camgirls as it embodies the initial obsession with them prior to getting to know them as entities that are multi-layered and bigger than 1 dimensional fantasies. It’s easy to project perfection on someone whos just a voice and in the case of a camgirl an image. However, when that girl is staring you right in your face perfection becomes slightly more difficult to project.

A lot of frequent viewers like camgirls and imagine camgirls just lounge around like this:

When in actuality camgirls lounge around like this:

Because camgirls portray a fantasy; embodying characteristics that may not exactly embody her true self yet fulfill the needs of the Theo (or viewer) in the situation it is fine for them to mold their personality to fit the needs of whomever they are matched with that day.

Theo needed someone to talk to and to give him confidence so that he could get over his impending divorce just as Theo’s friend Amy need a friend to make her laugh following her separation.

No matter the situation the Operating System was prepared to make it all better. This final statement can be directly applied to camgirls. Like Samantha, a camgirl can be whatever you need at the time.

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  1. Interesting read. I’ll sometimes find myself viewing and chatting with a cam girl for needs that should be found in the real world.


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