Patterned pants are awesome

I have a big butt; and unlike a lot of people nowadays I was actually born with it and had to traverse times when it wasn’t cool to have wide hips and a big booty.


Before the butt came I was your average sized skinny girl.  When it came I was still average sized, nothing else grew but my butt.  So I was out here looking like this


To make matters worse I just started puberty so when you stir up new body with teasing and a pinch of acne you get the insecure me that persisted throughout my teenaged years.  I absolutely despised my lower half and tried to hide my thickness.  I refused to wear shorts and any pants I wore had to be solid colored and without embellishment on the back pockets.  I did not want to bring any more attention back there than what it already got.  I avoided form fitting bottoms like the plague and only wore low rise jeans (which are absolutely HORRIBLE for all us tiny waist big butt people, I am so glad they’re not prevalent anymore).

Screenshot 2018-09-17 17.36.23
Even Ne-yo experienced the waist gap thing that low rise jeans did

But as I spent more time with my body and as the media began to glorify my body on women of other races.


I began to love my curvy physique.  Women were paying thousands of dollars to get features that I had naturally.  I felt so lucky, and that was the beginning stages of the era I am currently in; of wanting to showcase my big butt and wide hips.

This is where patterned pants come in.  I absolutely love wearing patterned pants, They have become a wardrobe staple.  I have about 30 white tees that cost like $3 and I just pair them with a pair of patterned pants and boom, instantly fashionable.  It literally takes 0 effort to think of an outfit but my outfit is always memorable, classic, and garners loads of compliments.  Patterned pants hug your curves and flaunt curvy lower bodies.  You can’t hide a curvy bottom in at attention grabbing print. The best part is that I get all of my patterned pants from thrift stores so my entire outfit rarely costs more than $20!

So the following are a few of my favorite ways to wear patterned pants!

Friday workdays


Fridays at work an unspoken tradition persists.  In a lot of offices you can ditch the tie on Fridays and let lose in your business casual.  I’m talking khakis, cotton shirts, and floral pants!  I love wearing patterned pants on Fridays, it is a little bit more polished than jeans but more stylish than the typical khaki.

With event shirts

At most events  (March of Dime, Relay for Life, etc.)  they provide you with a tee shirt with their event name on it.  Most people wear it and most people have on jeans.  Resulting in a blob of people that look the exact same.  This situation can actually be dangerous if someone needs to be identified.  For example, if you can’t find your girlfriend asking people if they saw a girl wearing blue jeans and a relay for life shirt is not very helpful.  If she’s wearing a unique pair of bottoms that make her stand out that will!

I was introduced to the concept of wearing unique pants in crowds at a young age.  My mom always took my brother and I to every parade during mardi gras season as a kid (disclaimer for those who don’t live in New Orleans and think Mardi Gras is just one drunk day of titties, Mardi Gras is actually a family friendly season, it’s people that don’t live here who don’t have to consider accidentally flashing their boss who go wild.  Mardi Gras is a respected cultural season.).  One can only imagine the sea of little kids with those purple, gold and green striped shirts and jeans.  They all looked the same, so my mom always had us wear like pokemon patterned pants or something so when we got lost we were easily identifiable.

Running errands

The unofficial uniform of errand running consists of yoga pants and a sweatshirt that smells acceptable.  But although comfortable, yoga pants definitely are not the most stylish.  So trade your sweatpants for comfy and cute patterned palazzo pants!  The wide leg pant is trendy and is fashion forward at the moment.

Do you also love patterned pants?  If so, how do you wear them?

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