The government is lying to black people about the coronavirus

I have been black for close to thirty years and while doing so I’ve managed to learn quite a few things.

Among them have been that Jesus was black

Ronald Reagan was the devil

and be wary of who you trust, ESPECIALLY the government.

Questioning the motives of the government and not fully believing the lies they tell us is a trait that is born in all of us, but depending on the presence of certain factors can be honed and fine tuned so that they are allowed to mature and grow among individuals.

The factors needed to hone skepticism are present within the black community.

From a long history of being deceived

and tested on

the black community does not exactly trust the government 100 percent without any factual evidence to support their claims.

So when numerous small sources claimed that doctors had corroborated the claim that persons of African ancestry were immune to the coronavirus I believed them. They provided a multitude of factual evidence.

According to the Mayo clinic the coronavirus is “A new virus called the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) has been identified as the cause of a disease outbreak that began in China. The disease is called coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)”. The sources used did not appear to have a vested interest in the veracity f the claims and the evidence provided appeared accurate. Among the provided evidence were quotes (According to BBC News, “The CT scan showed no trace of the illness. He became the first African person known to be infected with the deadly coronavirus and the first to recover. His medical care was covered by the Chinese state” as well as other claims by doctors and scientists that more melanated persons were immune from the deadly effects of the coranavirus.

This also coincided with statistical data that showcased the low number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus in regions of the world worth high percentages of melanated persons.

So this led many people to believe that black people were immune to the deadly disease.

I guess we were getting too happy in the black community and you know the government is scared of a group of happy Negros and had to put a stop to it.

So the government quickly released a statement that black people are not at an advantage when it comes to warding of the disease.

The United States government failed to provide any proof of their claim but apparently they just expect us all to believe them.

What do you think? Do you think the government is lying about the importance of race in the factors affecting mortality in the coronavirus? Do you believe that race really does matter?

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