The coronavirus is overrated

Remember back in the day when surgery was in its infancy? Back in the day when the ice cream man was the king of the neighborhood and a cheeseburger from Mickey D’s was a quarter. The good ole days.

Well, during that time period something wasn’t so good; and that was surgery.

Surgery still was viewed by the masses as a horrific undertaking. Anesthesia was initially invented back in 1846 but according to the Wood library museum did not gain widespread usage until the late ’80’s. So horrific auditory memories of people screaming in anguish due to having to undergo brutal dental and medical procedures without the comfort of anesthesia dotted the minds of many.

Not to mention the low rate of success. Even today if undergoing a major medical surgery such as an organ transplant the odds of your body rejecting the organ and you ultimately dying due to it are high but were even higher back then.

Having two ailing grandparents and a mother with type 1 juvenile diabetes

as well as surviving cancer and a host of chemotherapy treatments, a common sentiment that I heard over and over again growing up and continued hearing as I grew older was the dismissal of life-saving surgery as the treatment and cocktail of medicines that would have to be taken daily after the surgery would be far worse than the possibility of death.

People considering something such as an organ transplant were faced with making a decision between inevitable death inn about 2 or 3 years or tremendous pain, adhering to a strict and costly medical regimen for the rest of their lives, and likely death on the operating table.

Many chose not to undergo surgery. As the effects of the possible cure outweighed the traumatic possible outcomes.

Now, think of the coronavirus as possible death; and this social isolation, destroying of the economy, loss of jobs and shortage of toilet paper etc. as surgery.

I, for one, would rather die than be in lock-down worried that I’ll be evicted tomorrow with sh*t stains in my draws because I can’t wipe my a$$.

In addition the gravity of the coronavirus has been exaggerated.

According to the CDC there have been 417,676 cases of coronavirus in the world. 18,605 resulting in death. With a global population of 16.8 billion that puts into perspective how little effect the coronavirus has actually had in scope of illness and death.

One honestly has a better chance of getting adopted by a celebrity than of getting the coronavirus;

All jokes aside that brings me to wonder why? Why are we essentially shutting down the whole world over a “non-mother-fucking-factor”??

What do you think? I personally think this is all a form of population control. The powers that be want to breed a sense of fear and mistrust in us so if our neighbor so much as sneezes we all jump and make sure they never sneeze again.

Leave your thoughts on this down below.

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