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Why Black girls have big butts

Disclaimer: Some people love to claim that “we are all the same”. This ideal is unfortunately not true. There are various physiological adaptations that groups of people have developed as a result of external circumstances pertaining to them over thousands of years. An example of this phenomenon can be witnessed in the differences between African elephants and Asian elephants. They are both elephants, however differences in everything from skin density to diet can be evidenced.

In recent years the curvy physique has become popular in the mainstream. The main stream media features girls with wide hips as the ideal and big butts as desirable.

One would forget that it wasn’t too long ago that the ideal body was devoid of the curves celebrated in the modern day.

The sudden popularity of Brazilian Butt Lifts and the uplifting of women with obvious fake butts leaves women with naturally large rears perplexed. They had to navigate a society in which their big thighs, wide hips, and big butts were often ridiculed by the mainstream. In addition to that they also had to deal with the emotional confusion of being considered highly desirable and attractive to those in their own areas with like-minded individuals and mediocre to others in the mainstream.

These physical attributes also were attributed to being black; and prior to 2005 being black was the worst thing you could be.

While in the modern day claims that black women often have bigger butts naturally than their lighter skinned counterparts are considered outrageous by the sudden crop of thin and white girls with large fake butts or athletic and toned ones; a combination of history and fact has shown this belief that genetically other races are equally exposed to big buts as people of African descent to be untrue.

In addition to numerous caricatures of black women portraying exaggeratedly big behinds is history of phrases and sexual exploitation of big black butts. There also is often drawn a correlation drawn between big booties and black girls.

Big lips and big butts are ugly! Only on black girls though #culturalappropriation

Holding the assumption that black girls have larger and more pronounced butts than other races leads to the question of why? Why do black women have big butts? In the following paragraphs this question will be answered.


Meriam-Websters dictionary defines steatopygia as ” a genetic characteristic leading to increased accumulation of adipose tissue in the buttock region, is found in women of sub-Saharan African origin, most notably (but not solely) among the Khoisan of southern Africa and Pygmies of central Africa. .” Steatopygia is an adaptive trait theorized to have developed initially among women in hotter cllimates as it increases surface area on the body and thus increases area for the body to disperse heat.

As Black Americans are descendants of the Sub-Saharan Africans who initially garnered the trait, Black Americans are still reported to have this gene.

So big butts are not just wallets, they are also air conditioners!


According to the U.S Census Bureau “Of all the people who reported as Black in Census 2000, 54 percent lived in the South”. The majority of Black Americans live in the southern United States. As a result many partake in “southern” foods laden with butter and bacon grease. I’m talking Beans, Greens, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Lamb, Rams, Hogs, Maws.

This diet high in fat results in bigger EVERYTHING.


There are NUMEROUS examples of black girls having big butts in the media. From Nicki Minaj to Beyoncé black celebrities are admired for their derriere’s as much as they are for their art .

Whether positive or negative the words big butt usually bring to mind an image of a black girl.

The words fake big butt bring to mind this.

So black women are genetically inclined to have a nice rear end. But you don’t have to be black to have a nice butt. You can always workout!

Sorry….you can also buy one!

What do you think about butts? Can anyone have a big butt?


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