Low budget makeup tips from prison

Back when I was a bright-eyed teenager I set off on a journey to college. Meeting me on this journey were a variety of lessons meant to prepare me for adulthood. The most valuable of which was money management.

I had to learn money management the hard way; by getting enough money to last several months and blowing it in two days.

Yes, I was that girl who got an eight hundred dollar refund check and thought she was ballin’.

The first place I would spend my money at would be the mall.

I would spend a little at Forever 21.

A little more at Pinkberry.

And racks at Sephora.

Sephora got all my little money. I was out here splurging on Naked Palletes and Better than sex mascara like I had somewhere to go where appropriate attire didn’t include sweatpants.

I would then proceed to beat my face with my purchases. I had to look good at the dining hall.

So my refunded loan money would be enough to support my makeup habit and keep me looking fly for a few weeks but after it ran out I was forced to look fly with no money.

Thankfully, I had been gifted numerous tips and tricks from a slew of family and friends who had gone to jail and/or prison on how to look SNATCHED using ordinary items. Some of the methods I learned are below.

Use Colored Pencils for eyeliner

Row of colorful pencils

I was initially introduced to this option by Tracy on Love After Lockup.

Tracy swore by this method and notably donned it for her television debut.

It is simple, place the tip of a number 2 or a colored pencil in hot water for a few seconds in order to soften it up then proceed to utilize it as you would any other eye pencil.

The long-lasting results will leave you questioning why you ever wasted your money on eyeliner in the first place.

Dye hair with Kool-Aid

This tried and true method to dye hair has been a staple for years. I still remember attempting to dye my hair deep purple with a packet of grape Kool-Aid and hopes and dreams. What resulted was a funky purple ‘fro that I was able to rock for the weekend before I had to rinse it out for school on Monday.

Maintain eyebrows with dental floss

One of the most important things on your face should be your brows. You could say the cure for cancer but if your brows look like this

no one is going to care.

Lucky for you, dental floss can double as low cost eyebrow threading utensil.

Get eyeshadow from magazine spreads

You don’t have to spend your money on expensive eyeshadow pallets. Simply buy a magazine, find a pigmented photo in it like this one

And with one finger rub it in circles until the ink from the image rubs off on your finger. Using the ink rub it on your eyelids to get a beautiful eye look!

Natural lipstick

No makeup look is complete without a gorgeous lip color. You can get your own with two simple ingredients: petroleum jelly and beets.

With these makeup hacks you will be looking glamorous for less than the cost of a cup of coffee! Do you have any tips?

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