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College isn’t for you

Chances are that you have been introduced to the “American Dream” at least once in your life. The fairytale that anyone can be a prince or a princess in America if you just work hard! Like a real life Cinderella you can break free from your wicked stepmother (poverty) and marry your prince charming and live happily ever after in a castle and never worry again!

In America our prince charming is school and your assorted helpers probably don’t exist if you’re poor! Yes, you are expected to meet your prince charming and have your “happily ever after” with absolutely no help. Also, if you somehow get to the ball chances are you probably won’t drop your shoe and will be back to scrubbing floors and having intimate conversations with mice soon after.

The government is basically like “You can walk to the ball, its only 8 miles. Oh and you can stay out as late as you want, you’ll get a little outfit change around midnight. Have fun!”

So with little help initially and no help during or after you are released and expected to emerge a wealthy princess living happily ever after!

Chances are that will not be the outcome, however that ideal is one dangled in the faces of many Americans.

If you can get to college then yay! Everyone celebrate!

Then when you arrive there after walking 8 miles in heels and a hot a$$ ball gown all those smiling faces dissappear; and you and your tuition are left alone like ’03 Bonnie and Clyde.

Ultimately the stress of funding your poor college student lifestyle combined with doing well in your classes, having a social life, and being involved on campus, is too much to bear and traumatizing! I still wake up in cold sweats because of a nightmare that I have a paper due in the morning but I have to work that evening, and I graduated from undergrad too long ago (to be sneakin’ all in your dorm room)!

What’s even worse is that you go through all of that stress just to emerge thousands of dollars in debt while working the same job you worked while going to school.

Everyone LOVES to preach about this “American Dream” and how all you need to get there is school but everyone disappears when you get there. Those same people pushing you to go to college scatter like roaches when the lights come on as soon as you need money to buy books.

If you are like most of us Americans and come from a middles class family that is only a paycheck or two away from homelessness, chances are your family isn’t able to provide you with the large amounts of money needed to finance a single semester in college. As a result you either work hard while studying hard to pay for things or take out student loans that you wiill have to work hard to pay off for the rest of your life. In contrast is the kid whose parents are rich enough to finance their education while also providing them a monthly allowance.

If you are not that kid then college just is not for you. Yes, college is SUPER fun and valuable, however if you have to work all the time to pay for it you wont be able to enjoy the social perks associated with college.

I was lucky enough to have two AMAZING jobs on campus that were sensitive to my student needs (taking off a week before finals, not working Friday nights to allow for thot-like activities etc.) but this is not a common occurrence. If this does not apply to you then college isn’t for you, sorry.

There is no point going into debt and not even being guaranteed a job. To pay for school you will have to have 2 jobs that you get paid for and one that you pay for (school).

As the famous philosopher Aubrey Drake Graham once said “You only live once that’s the motto *bleep* YOLO”.

So do you want to spend your one life slaving away starting around 18 years old?

Then forego college and consider alternatives. There’s the military, trade schools, apprenticeships, etc.

Talk to your guidance counselor about cheaper pathways to success! Also, while you’re at it slap that ho and ask them why they don’t promote these options to high school students?!

Do you think that college is overhyped? Do you know of any other pathways to success?

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