Does race matter in camming?

As I frequently note, I grew up in a neighborhood comprised of mostly Black Americans. As a result of this lack of diversity a comfortableness with expressing stereotypes based on race was common. It was not unusual to hear “Black people always loud” or “you know white people can’t dance” quite frequently. Although I have been exposed to vast diversity since my childhood and repeatedly have evidenced these stereotypes to be false I am led to believe that these stereotypes are still held by the majority of society due to de facto segregation and the frequency of micro-aggressions commonly made against minorities. Little defense mechanisms made by others upon my approach are so common that I do not even notice them! It is only when I am with someone of a race unfamiliar with them are they pointed out to me. Racism is just as prominent today as it was in the era of Jim Crow.

In 2019 a lot of Americans would like to believe that we live in a post-racial society; unfortunately this is not true. Data shows that as a society we are more racist than ever (Pew Poll). This is confirmed by The Huffington Post which states that “racism still manifests itself frequently in everyday life”. Evidence of racial disparities in schools, jobs, wealth, etc. are expounded upon to validate this claim in the Huffington post article. In this article a brief expose’ on racial disparities in the webcam world will be examined.

It has been driven into our heads for decades that a beautiful woman is a dainty white woman with a slender frame and tiny features.

This dream girl had to have pale soft skin and sexy wavy hair. Her thinness evidenced her fragility and need to be protected by a big strong man. Due to her weakness she was prone to frequent fainting spells. Thankfully the help was always there to catch her sexy self.

The help was usually a heavy set black woman and was not seen as sexy. This perception of dark-skinned black American women as the overweight sidekick to the cute and sexy white or light-skinned girl is one which has been blasted by the media for decades.

This unconscious association of black women as less attractive is very evident in the world of camming. To validate this I perused the homepages of a few popular camming sites. In my passive research I counted a total of only four phenotypically black girls on the homepages of six different camming sites. This was only 4 women out of about 500 girls!

Unfortunately, this racial difference was also evidenced to affect tips procured. Using a small sample size of only twenty models financial rewards were 70 percent higher for models that did not appear phenotypically black.

I evidenced an obvious layer of racism within the cammming community quite a while ago. The absence of diversity on the homepage was evident to me immediately. Yet, when I pointed it out to people of other races they reported that they had not noticed this. I have also been led to wonder whether I notice racism and colorism more than those who do not experience it because I am frequently affected by it. I say this as a response to the gaggle of non-black people who will think “racism? RACISM? it’s all in her head no ones racist.”

Let me end part one of my series on race now. Don’t fret! I will continue to explore racism in the sex industry monthly.

Tune in on the first Friday of every month were we will discuss race-related topics to camming! Also, what are your thoughts on this topic?


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