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Don’t donate to charity!

A popular phenomenon that has been evidenced for years now is that of sharing a percentage of your income with charitable organizations. Whether it’s the insistence of paying 10 % of your income every Sunday to God (God is synonymous to pastor, they have to pay their mortgage some way!) or giving 10 cents a day to a starving child in Africa; giving financially is encouraged.

It has been the norm, up until recent years, to donate to non-profit organizations. A study done by researchers from Texas A&M using data gathered from the Panel Study of Income Dynamics from the University of Michigan—which collects information on personal income, wealth, education, and spending—to determine the likelihood that someone gave money to charity and how much he or she gave found this decline to be true. The survey data included a sample of 13,000 people asked about a range of topics on an annual basis from 2001 to 2013. This allowed researchers to compare giving patterns before, during, and immediately after the Great Recession while controlling for factors such as income, wealth, state of residence, the local housing market, race, gender, and family size.

About 61 percent of households reported giving to charity in 2000, with an average gift of about $2,600. As a proportion of income, that means that the average person gave away 3.7 percent of his or her earnings. And each year after 2000, charitable giving increased by one or two percentage points until 2008, when the recession started and contributions began drying up.

The study failed to account for the lowering value of the American dollar and the affect of such on disposable income of those responsible for charitable giving. Ten years ago you could get a cheeseburger, fries, a drink, and buy the guy hanging outside the corner stores mixtape for $5.00.

In 2019 You can’t even get a decent sized burger for $5.00.

This as well as more knowledge on the low percentage of your donation actually used on the cause has also led to a decrease in donations. According to about a quarter of your donation to a charity goes to administrative and marketing costs. That’s like loaning someone 100 bucks and they give you back 75.

An even higher percentage is withheld in donations to some organizations. A popular non-profit organization is reported by to only spend 51% of your donation on aspects related to it’s cause!

If I give $50.00 to a charity that 50 better go to that cause, not support some rich guys video game obsession.

So in light of those facts I advocate for camgirls who want to donate to give back using other methods.

For example, using excess tips to make it rain on other models that indicate they’re pregnant or are not receiving what they deserve that night. I advocate for community wealth building so keeping money in your community is a benefit to you ultimately as well!

Another option is to buy a bunch of school uniform shirts at Goodwill and donate them to an inner city school. Goodwill is literally giving away uniforms in the summer. I know for a fact we have to wear uniforms at public schools in New Orleans and every year there were always kids in my class whose parents could not afford to buy them uniforms.

Lastly if you MUST donate consider donating to a smaller organization. An organization that won’t use your donation to pay for its Super Bowl commercial or Advertisement in Teen Vogue magazine.

Do you donate to charity? Leave your answer below!

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