Everyone should have a home phone

Who can forget their first love experience? Not the stressful love you went through in high school.

I’m talking about that innocent love you first had for someone in elementary school.

I’m talking about spending recess with the person or thing you loved

 sharing your brownie with the colorful sprinkles with them


And talking dirty to them on the house phone.

Well, maybe not that dirty, we were like five years old. The G-rated version of dirty talk.


Whether our first love was a boy, girl, or pancakes there was a phone involved; and if you were born before 2001 that phone was probably a house phone.


Who remembers the infamous housephone?

Was anyone else guilty of talking “dirty” on the house phone only for someone else to be listening in on the other line and to roast you with it later.


I know I was! But even though the house phone did me wrong a few times, it did me right way more times and I miss it.


Here’s why I love the house phone.

 Home phones are safe for kids

As time passes it becomes increasingly easier for people without the best intentions to access children. I’m not saying pedophiles did not exist before I-phones, but it is easier to plan an escape with a child when you know there is no possibility of their mom listening in on another line.

Home phones are better for emergencies

 Home phones offer tracking and GPS and are perfect for allowing 911 operators to pinpoint the exact location to dispatch police officers. This is ideal for both young children and adults who do not yet possess adequate vocal ability to express the home address to another party.

Better voice quality

“Home phone’s have a hard line connection tapping directly into the phone network”. As a result, you’ll get better signal reception and far less static on a home phone than a cellphone since it’s a hardwired connection. This is especially true when calling from a basement or in areas far from a cell tower, as the wireless signal has a harder time traveling a long distance or pushing through that much metal, dirt, and concrete without being disrupted.

Good for Mental Health

The world is far too noisy when you constantly lug around external validation (Instagram), past pitfalls (Facebook), constant communication (texting), and everything else you have on your phone (nudes, recipes, pancake pictures, rap lyrics, moneyyyyy). Leaving all of that baggage and strictly using the phone for its intended purpose is good for ones self care.

Home Phones look cool

Phones are a great accessory to any room. You can go antique

or teen dream

Whatever look you are going for there is a phone to match it.

Do you love home phones? If so, why

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