I have some concerns with mindfulness

I am a pretty calm person.

When I am not hungry

N word use not condoned; i don’t use that word anymore

or on my period

or between the hours of 11 AM to 11 PM

I am pretty calm.

Many wonder how I’m able to stay so calm

and the answer is this: mindfulness. According to Psychology Today ” Mindfulness is a state of active, open attention to the present”. I utilize the Calm app to provide a mutitude of guided meditation lessons that range from gratitude to self-love. The Calm app encourages daily mindfulness practice by offering daily reminders to meditate.

I have been meditating daily using this app for over a year now and have to give mindfulness credit for calming me down. I’m still a bit more…extra than most; but I’m less extra now than I once was!

I went from cousin Will

to Will Smith.

All thanks to mindfulness! Mindfulness is awesome!

But I have a few reservations… I’m not knocking mindfulness or anything! I practice it myself!

I just have some questions.

For one, I wonder whether the application of mindullness has the effect of decreasing situational awareness. Mindfulness is all about focusing on the minute details of the present situation you are in and basically ignoring the things around you. For example, if you were sitting at a table eating a delicious stack of pancakes

mindfulness would have you hone in on the details of eating the pancakes.

The thick and warm stack filling your mouth.

The warm and sticky syrup dripping down your throat.

The satisfied feeling you get as you sit with a belly full of pancakes.

Meanwhile your house is burning down around you.

Another concern about mindfulness that I have is whether or not the focus on only the present enters into nihilism thus garnering the many cons associated with them.

Nihilism is ” is the philosophical viewpoint that suggests the denial of, or lack of belief in, the reputedly meaningful aspects of life”.

My favorite book, The Stranger, demonstrates nihilism using the main character Mersault ” a nihilist who believes that life has no meaning”. Nihilism preaches basiclly that there is “no day but today”.

So basically, do heroin because you only live one, that’s the motto YOLO.

I only have two reservations about mindfulness but LOADS of benefits.

Among the many benefits of mindfulness is the improved ability to withhild judgement.

This was important for me to learn because my demographic LIVES (allegedly) for judging people; Southern black women.

Judging is in my blood. I was out here judging girls since elementary school.

“Did you see her peanut butter and jelly sandwich?! Her mama ain’t even cut the crusts off! Wooh chile.”

But by continually practicing one of the primary tenets of mindfulness; to observe things without judgement, I have been able to successfully exorcise that judgmental spirit.

What do you think are the pros and cons of mindfulness? Have you tried the Calm app?

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