Move that bus! Thrift store edition

An important thing to know about me is that I like my space.

I like my space when I’m driving

Eating food


and especially in my living space.

I can feel the dismissal of me when people walk up in my crib and they see this

I know you’re thinking “This broke b#$@%h aint got NOTHING in her place!”. The truth is that yes, I am in fact a broke b#$@%h and proud of it.

But even if I was not broke I would choose to decorate the space around me minimally.

The minimalist style of interior decorating is defined as “”.

It gained mainstream popularity of minimalism began in 2014 following the best selling book by Marie Kondo titled The life changing magic of tidying up. The novel espoused the benefits of having a clutter free space and also provided tips on decluttering,

Some of the benefits of a clean and organized space include

The tenets of choosing items to keep that stood out to me in the book were 1) To keep items that inspire joy 2) Keep things that you have used recently and 3) The Purge feels good.

Marie Kondos book was partly responsible for my love of minimalism. The other part was the fact that I am a proud broke b@$%h.

Those factors combined led me to choose only a few pieces to aid in decorating my new living room. All of the pieces came from the Goodwill in Tallahassee . The staff at this particular location were extremely friendly and helpful and the stock amazing and high in quality. There were numerous clothing pieces that would fit nicely in any closet.

But I was there to decorate a room, not my body. So I had to be Ray Charles to the clothes and hop up on the home décor section.

In that section I was able to find quite a few pieces to accent the living room and my bedroom. The apartment was allreqady furnished so I wasn’t focused on finding furniture, however I did look at it. I will go into more detail on my conclussjons in an upcoming post. I am aware of the fact that all thrift items matter, however at the moment we are talking about only home décor.

The home décor section of thrift stores has a lot to offer! There are lamps

Nick- knacks

and paddy wacks!

However cute those items are, I was in search of a bold rug and couple of accent pillows to throw on the couch. There were loadsssssss to choose from. From super wacky

to plain and sophisicated

there was something for everyone.

I settled on these two items

and I think that they look quite nice. What do you think?

Do you like the Home décor offered by thriftstores?

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