TVs are overrated

When I tell people that I do not have a tv they either react like this

or like this

Those who react calmly understand that you no longer have to spend hundreds or even thousands to get your daily television dose.

All you need is a laptop and a willingness to waste time binge-watching 90 Day Fiancé.

What I love most about this society is how easily accessible television shows are. For like $11.99 a month you can watch a show about a dystopian future

and an anime

then you can wind down, for free, with the Midnight Society.

You can do all this without blowing hundreds on a square apparatus.

I suggest splitting the bill for a streaming platform with a friend or family member. 11.99 divided by 2 for commercial free television is a pretty great deal!

But if television shows are not your preference and you would rather read a book or the latest article on

I have a suggestion for you! And I actually utilize this tip because I am quite the bookworm.

Yes, I developed a love for reading from an early age. The reasons why are because 1) My mom worked at a newspaper/ publishing house and used to bring home hoards of books everyday, so when I finished reading one book there was another one waiting. It was a revolving door of books.

2) My pseudo-Father, Paw Paw (grandpa) read the newspaper everyday and would always give my brother and I the “funnies” (comics). So before I could even read I was out here analyzing images and developing stories using my imagination to fit the image.

3) I didn’t know how to interact with people my age until I was like 16. Raised by an older mother and two ancient grandparents, I was that kid humming BB King when everyone was asking if I had heard the new song by Nelly.

As a result of this inability to relate to my age group I often spent recess and lunchtime holed up in the library with a book.

Thus further developing my love of reading!

I now satisfy my thirst for reading electronically. With a Kindle and a laptop I have no need to spend hundreds on a television.

A money saving technique if I do say so.

I also LOVE an audible subscription. I cannot speak on the price as frankly I don’t know it. I confess that I am guilty of creating numerous false emails in order to continually sign up for the free trial.

Do you own a TV or do you prefer to read or watch videos online (like a boss b*tch)?

If you prefer to read what is your favorite book?

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