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Millennials vs. Self-deprecating humor

The butt of many jokes this day and age is the Millenial.

Millennial “generally refers to the generation of people born between the early 1980s and 1990s, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Some people also include children born in the early 2000s” and are classified by many as “whiny”, “entitled”, and “child-like adults” who refuse to grow up.

This analysis is seen as true due to the diminished achievement of accepted life goals by many twenty somethings now compared to twenty somethings of previous generations. Twenty years ago your average twenty five year old was married with two kids, a career, and no debt. Now, you’re lucky if you have less than 50k in student debt by 30!

Millennials get ragged on by older generations

younger generations

and most notably by ourselves. Our overworked and underpaid selves.

Mainly because we just want to feel included and also because we think we are losers šŸ™ We hear it all of the time! So we have oddly developed this “self-deprecating” style of humor that is a bit uncomfortable for others at times.

While it may seem self-aware and evidence of your high self-worth to be able to poke fun at yourself, I thought that studies would say that it actually means the opposite.

But to my surprise, studies actually said it’s good! Not going to lie, I began this article with the assumption that self-deprecating humor was 100 percent bad for your mental health. I was rubbing my fingers together anxious to get my hands on the army of information affirming that self deprecating humor was bad.

But I was proven wrong! After hours of research I was unable to find even one scientific study saying that it was bad. On the contrary, I found numerous proclaiming that it was a good thing!

One such study said “self-deprecation makes others perceive you as humble and more approachable. And when you lace self-deprecation with humor, you not just evoke laughter but also benefit from the act in different ways”.

Another one said “Researchers at the Mind, Brain and Behavior Research Center inĀ SpainĀ (CIMCYC) have concluded that self-deprecating jokes might make you a happier person”.

And yet another said ”Ā Thanks to a recent exploration on the topic by experts over atĀ Hopes and Fears, we now know thatĀ making fun of yourselfĀ is actually kind of a socially risky move. In a strange and unfortunate twist, it turns out that making fun of yourself makes you look even cooler if you’reĀ alreadyĀ high-status, but it can easily make you look worse if you’re no”.

So the people have spoken and told us that it is good to constantly point out everything we don’t like about ourselves!

Although these were the same people that had us eating Carbs all day because it was supposedly healthy.

So I’m personally going to hold off on constantly berating myself and just continue doing my positive affirmations for now. What about you?

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