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Hello Fresh vs. Home chef

Meal kits are really trendy right now. You can hardly scroll down a social media page and not come across an advertisement for at least one meal kit. There are so many different ones as well!

There’s Blue Apron



And the two that I am going to discuss today! Home Chef and Hello Fresh!

Of course there are more than just five different meal kits, but in the interest of time I am not going to list them all. For a complete list of every single meal kit check out THIS guide on Buyers Guide.

So the versus battle between two meal kit services begins!

First off we have Hello Fresh!

Hello Fresh had humble beginnings in Berlin, Germany.

You read that right, in Germany.

I was surprised, too! With all the Kim Kardashian wannabees sporting their plates of gourmet hamburgers and upscale macaroni and cheese I was sure Hello Fresh had begun here in the USA. But research proved me wrong. According to an article on Vox the German meal kit now far surpasses its competitors in the market race for meal kit services. The next one in line is Blue Apron, and Hello Fresh surpasses it by 31%! This lead is mostly due to extensive marketing by Hello Fresh. “Meal kit” has become almost synonymous with Hello Fresh in popular culture.

Due to this I decided to try it out! After constantly seeing images of thin and beautiful girls with plates overflowing with scrumptious looking food, how could I not?

I decided to try

and I must say that the meals were yummy. No complaints on the overall flavors of the dishes. The meal kit also introduced me to yummy new ingredients that I would never have tried. An example of this are parsnips. One recipe called for me to roast a parsnip. I almost left it out but I’m glad I did not. Parsnips are yummy and definitely on my shopping list now!


I will not be purchasing Hello Fresh again. I encountered wayyyyyyyyy more cons with the service than I did pros.

A big con for me was the portion sizes. I’m not even a hefty eater and the meal meant for 2 people had little old me eat it all up in one sitting.

Another was the effort it required. Now I am not lazy when it comes to preparing food, but on weekdays when I work 8 hours I don’t want to spend an additional one making dinner when I expect not to. I mistakenly thought that with the meal kit all prep would be completed for me. I was wrong in this case.

This meal kit basically gave me some groceries and a recipe and was like “here, dirty up your kitchen. Thank me later :)”.

Now, I like shopping. It doesn’t matter if it’s for clothes or for groceries, I like spending money I don’t have. I can also tailor my grocery list to purchase items that I will need for a recipe. So why did I need to pay Hello Fresh to do it for me?

They also lie about the time it will take to complete a dish. Talking about “Ready in 15 minutes!”. More like 15 times 3! I am not sure what Top Chef contestant they had do the recipe and they based their time on, but the average person can double or triple any times they give.

Overall Home Chef offered tasty meals that took way too long to make for a weeknight dinner. Plus they took the fun out of it for me; that being pretending like I’m on Supermarket Sweep as I cruise the aisles of my grocery store.

Home Chef is a 4/10 for me.

This leads me to the G.O.A.T of Meal kits. Home Chef.

Home Chef does not get the hype that it deserves.

Home Chef is a Chicago, Illinois-based meal kit and food delivery company that delivers pre-portioned ingredients and recipes to subscribers weekly in the United States. This meal kit has humble beginnings here in the US and (unlike Hello Fresh) does not take a lot of time to prepare. Home chef is exactly what I thought meal kite to be. Prepped groceries with instructions on how to put them together and make a delicious meal.

Home Fresh was quick, easy to follow, delicious, and did not leave me with a mountain of cleanup afterwards. They also did all of the meal prep, which I appreciated. If the recipe called for fresh and chopped thyme, best believe your kit came with thyme already chopped!

Home Fresh offered tasty and creative meals also. Plus, like Hello Fresh, it introduced me to a mountain of ingredients and flavor profiles I would never try! For example, sour cream. I know it’s not like a crazy and exotic ingredient for most but for me it is. I have an aversion to white sauces. I don’t care if its mayo, sour cream, milk etc. If it’s white I’m hesitant to try it.

Not white people lol. I love you guys. Well, most of you.

Anyway, I say that to highlight the fact that I would never buy sour cream, or cream fraise or some of the other tasty white viscous substances they forced me to use. They forced me out of my comfort zone, and I liked it! I’m grateful for them including those ingredients.

I had to search for cons that I had with them and honestly this was difficult. I’m not saying they were perfect, but they were perfect for me.

What is your favorite meal kit?

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