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Don’t Respond to Tweets! 1 :

Ok, so for the first installment of this series I would like to comment on the tweet below

Now, when I first read this my immediate thoughts were

Throughout the course of Russell Wilson’s and Ciara’s relationship men (and some women) have called Wilson “corny”. I have seen and heard a fair share of comments that Ciara and most women would not date a guy like Russell Wilson.

I guess by that they mean a seemingly nice, God-fearing, rich, faithful, loving and accepting man? And my response to those claims are that sadly, they’re right.

You right.

Most of us get stuck at the “being Future’s 50th baby mama” stage and can never progress further than that. A curse that a lot of women (and men!) suffer from is liking the bad boy or girl. We see it on television and in our personal lives and protest how we would never allow someone to do that to us, then we get in a relationship and we do.

I have been victim to it and I am not the only one; at least in the Black American community. The data stating the percentage of single mothers that identify as Black is ridiculously high in comparison to those of women in other racial groups. A deeper dive into another figure reveals that many of the single mothers produced their children when they were teenagers; and few things are more attractive to a teenaged girl than a bad boy.

Figure 2

Other data suggesting Black women like “bad” boys is the high percentage of men in prison who we have children with; and I’m not saying ex-convicts are bad. I have friends and family that are currently incarcerated! I work to help you guys! But we cannot deny that some people locked up are bad and for the purpose of this article we will assume that most are.

So lets say we manage to find a guy who’s never been to jail and will marry us. Even then he may not qualify as a cornball like our friend Russel Wilson! Also, he probably does not make as much! According to the graph below the average yearly income of Black American Men is far below the alleged millions that Wilson allegedly makes every year.

So let’s say you manage to find a rich man that’s never been incarcerated who wants to marry you; And is Black. He still has to meet the other criteria of Russel Wilson! Faithful, Christian, athletic, corny etc.

Those are traits both sexes do not typically gravitate towards. Traits possed by men like Russell Wilson are akin to broccoli. They are what we need but may not be what we want. Men like Future are the candy of the world, imbibing every single trait that we know is not good for us. but we can’t stop eating it.

Also, this doesn’t just apply to the ladies! Men LOVE a sexy girl who they have nothing in common with. Look at the comments section of an Instagram models post.

You will find a plethora of thirsty dudes willing to sacrifice their stable family life with a cute girl next door who plays video games and watches Anime for a random girl on the web who most likely doesn’t even look like her pictures.

There’s something about bad boys… I mean, remember that trope in the 90’s where boring guys would turn into attractive “bad boys” and start failing tests and get detention and all the girls would like him?

Ladies have always gravitated to bad boys. I don’t see a lie in this statement that most women would pass a broke Russel Wilson, do you?

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