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Hi guys!  So basically I’m an awkward black girl from New Orleans, Louisiana.  I’ll spend hours baking a cake and then wont even eat it.  I’ll refuse to watch the movie if I read the book first (I’m talking to you Hunger Games), and I talk to myself a lot.  I think I’m hilarious and crack myself up.  I am an INFP on the Myers-Briggs scale and consider myself to be a true introvert.  I’m very outgoing and the life of the party just social interaction drains me and after having too much of it I need to take myself out for a date.  That usually includes dinner at a vegan restaurant and some shopping at a thrift store.  I will then sew and alter my finds if need be.  Thrifting to me is more than just buying clothes, it’s self-care.  The energy harnessed by the items previous owner is gifted to you.  I love thrifting and being able to look good on limited funds and I want to share that with you all!

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